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Linklu is now LIVE!

on November 30th 2017, 3:16 pm
Linklu is now in the public Forumotion Directory! They actually have a category for animal roleplay forums, isn't that cool!? I attempted to add us to Bing and Google, too, so we'll see what happens.

Now we need to think of new ways to advertise.  I can't think of any xD

...I still have a list of things I want to do, but I think we're ready...


Bandit {conflicted} Sevuela {naive} Hortense {scheming} Violet {passionate} Liulfr {feisty} Temptation {tba}

Kitanda {dramatic} Moze {sensitive} Venom {outcast} Piper {annoying} Hudson {sheltered}

Poison {ruthless} Tuhi {cautious} Tahu {courageous} Lewa {adventurous} Bleach {independent} Honeybee {meek} Alexandra {confident} Jazz {rebellious}

Penelope {friendly} Say It {responsible} Tumble {caring} Black Rose {wayward} Rhapsody {inquisitive} Gabby {innocent}

Makuta {sinister} Kaina {sadistic} White Night {twisted} Carnie {volatile} Amethyst {heroine} Skarmory {meek} Vespera {strange}

Lucille {ambitious} Mata Nui {gentle} Sohnii {serious} Rintan {reckless} Flufficus {quirky}

Krahka {fierce} Pancake {pacifist} Firefly {resilient}

JaXX, Murphy, Rahkshi, Turahn, Inigo, Poochyena, Hazel?
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