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This guy right here...

on March 15th 2017, 1:10 pm
I was working on Lava profiles, until my screen glitched (It always does on this site for some reason), making me hit a wrong button and lose everything. I got mad and decided to work on something else atm XD



A very light grey colored-kat. He has three horizontal scars on the right side of his face from another kat back at his old group when he was young. He immigrated over to the Lavas and remained there for a long period. He was notorious for being unbelievably lazy when it came to doing work at the burrow or participating in battles. He would entertain himself by performing goofy antics, or taunting the "tough guys" of the group. He doesn't like the evil kats, but he doesn't fear them either.

After he became over a year old, he matured some and decided to rove. A small roving trip turned into a full on leaving of the Lavas since he didn't like being under Poison's rule. He stumbled across Anklebiter territory and was appalled at what they had just been through. A protective instinct within him unlocked and he befriended the members of the group, swearing to protect them. With protection came a much more caring instinct in him and he was able to sympathize with many of the members, even comforting them.

He put up a strong fight when Voldemort returned, not allowing him to torment the group any longer. He was eventually helped out by other members when they joined in on the fight, successfully overpowering the large male and chased him out.

He remains protective over the group to this day.
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Re: This guy right here...

on March 15th 2017, 3:41 pm
I thought he and Tumble might have gotten along.  She definitely trusts him and may even see him as a friend.  I definitely see him as part of the committee.

I'll have to think about my others xD
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Re: This guy right here...

on August 6th 2017, 8:48 pm
... Wasn't Xaphan albino? I suppose it doesn't matter but I always had that impression xD


Bandit {conflicted} Sevuela {naive} Hortense {scheming} Violet {passionate} Liulfr {feisty} Temptation {tba}

Kitanda {dramatic} Moze {sensitive} Venom {outcast} Piper {annoying} Hudson {sheltered}

Poison {ruthless} Tuhi {cautious} Tahu {courageous} Lewa {adventurous} Bleach {independent} Honeybee {meek} Alexandra {confident} Jazz {rebellious}

Penelope {friendly} Say It {responsible} Tumble {caring} Black Rose {wayward} Rhapsody {inquisitive} Gabby {innocent}

Makuta {sinister} Kaina {sadistic} White Night {twisted} Carnie {volatile} Amethyst {heroine} Skarmory {meek} Vespera {strange}

Lucille {ambitious} Mata Nui {gentle} Sohnii {serious} Rintan {reckless} Flufficus {quirky}

Krahka {fierce} Pancake {pacifist} Firefly {resilient}

JaXX, Murphy, Rahkshi, Turahn, Inigo, Poochyena, Hazel?
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Re: This guy right here...

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