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A Matter of Love Lost Empty A Matter of Love Lost

on August 12th 2017, 11:18 pm
((This was posted in a status update on my dA profile, but I figured I'd utilize it here, as well.))

Pancake was broken and starving, and probably would have died if she hadn't met Snapple. Although a notorious rover, it goes without saying that he helped her. Pancake was grateful for what he did, but having been abandoned by rovers several times after mating with her, she didn't want that to happen again, and decided to leave him first... she immediately regretted the decision, however, and came back to discover Snapple who, to her surprise, was actually quite disappointed that she had left. They quickly made up, and began to survive together. Originally, I thought it would stay that way, until Ratties proposed that they start a mob of their own. She had originally suggested The Breakfasts, but me and Sammi; Snapple's player; decided to call them the Shiners.

I was nervous playing a dominant female, because I hadn't seen rping very long, but Pancake was much more nervous than I was, especially once her two surviving pups were born. But, with the support of her mate, who she became more fond of every day, Pancake was able to flourish into a kind, fair, and admittedly idealistic leader. Over the years, although they struggled and stayed rather small, the Shiners became a sort of haven for others. Many came to the Shiners broken, some in both body and spirit as Pancake herself was... But the Shiners became like a family to each other. Very few of Pancake's pups survived, so it was nice to have that bond with other members of her mob. She was still uncomfortable considering herself a leader though, and her more ambitious sister Pie even used that against her once. She probably would have stepped down, had a more worthy leader stepped forward, such as Aliya. She wasn't very keen on fighting, either, and the mob became allies with the Flames (and probably the Aurelias, over the skip.)

But then came the Shadow Deaths, a volatile, male dominated mob, which is a different story entirely. This vicious mob became a serious threat to the Shiners, and I'd like to say that over the skip, ultimately led to their end. A few survivors managed to rebuild the mob, but the Shiners, as Pancake remembered them, are no more, because she's not with them. Unfortunately, the ongoing drought spelled disaster for the group, and a lot of characters died as a result of that. The ferocity of the SD, although not unaffected by the drought, made them tough enough to persevere, and gave them an advantage over the Shiners. Unfortunately for Pancake, this was the second time her family had been taken from her by the Shadow Deaths... Except she was there this time, and wasn't able to stop it. She watched them fall, one by one, before the Shiners were scattered, and she ended up alone. After hours of searching, little Mikey (if Elec agrees) was the only one she could find. Where the others were, she wasn't sure, but she couldn't afford to linger around with the sun disappearing, and the their enemies still at large.

(for you crazy Makuta fans, he was overthrown later that day. XD)

It wasn't until the next day, when I introduce her, that she has a chance to take it all in. Of course she's worried about everyone, but most tragic of all is the loss of her mate, Snapple. Unfortunately, Sammi is no longer with us. Many people tried to take him up, but he was so undeveloped that I don't think anyone was successful. :/ I honestly don't want him covered unless someone can play him as their own character without worrying about their other characters as well, which is why I'm content not to have him played. That doesn't change, however, how broken Pancake is going to be. To begin with, I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep her, but after writing this I think I changed my mind. It's just going to take a lot of work to build her back up, because Snapple was so much more than a mate to her.

Information on her litter will come soon. She's going to be about 1 week pregnant, barely noticeable, and I will be naming one of them Shine, if anyone becomes interested between now and the time that they're a week old. Other ideas are Snapple and Fuzzle but the remaining three will be open, but I'm giving us a while to decide. She's had so many pups go inactive, and lost so much already... This litter will be special to her, and I want them to be played as a main character if possible, so they are taken seriously and kept around for a long time. With our issues though, chances are that she'll lose them. This will be a hard pregnancy, but if they find homes, it will be her first healthy litter.

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