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Who remembers this? Empty Who remembers this?

on August 8th 2017, 2:31 pm
Dolly can somewhat tell that Kaina doesn't like her very much and narrows her eyes slightly. She glances around and spots London not far away, perking up. Quickly, she dashes over and swipes her claws across the older female's leg but before London can even react, Dolly has already darted back over to Voldemort and his group while holding one paw up to travel on three legs. She didn't want sand to stick to her new pretty red. Once over by them, she sits down and licks her claws, looking very cheerful again.

Dolly watches Voldemort head out of view and wants to follow but doesn't think she should. She sighs and instead looks at Kaina, smiling and bounding over. She still doesn't know why this meerkat doesn't like her but really wants to please her either way.

Kaina snickers and leans over towards Dolly. Nice try... You gotta make them scared, show them you aren't afraid to kill. That means more of that pretty red stuff.

Maybe this pup had it in her after all.

Dolly's eyes gleam for a second. More pretty red? She was obviously interested but frowned slightly as if thinking hard. She looked up at Kiana and chirped. She knew what killing ment and but didn't quite understand how to do it. When she gets her red from others, they never die.

Kaina snickers. Killing was to take the life out of a living thing... There were many, many ways to kill... And most of them resulted in the pretty red stuff... Which was called... Blood.

Dolly blinked a few times, glancing at her paw which still had a small amount of pretty red on it. So that's what it was called, blood?
She smiled eagerly. And how much blood came out of killing?

Kaina snickers. This was all too much fun. She explains that it depends where you strike. The best place is the throat... Blood shoots out everywhere like a pretty fountain. (Kaina is slowly poisoning Dolly's mind o.o)

Dolly's eyes widened, completely fascinated by the thought of it. Oh how desperately she now wanted to see this pretty red fountain but who would give it to her? She looked at the rest of the group, scanning it. Who would give the most blood?

Violet watches Dolly warily, inwardly disgusted with how Kaina is leading this poor pup on. Instinctively she brings Tuhi closer, watching them both.

Dolly shuffled her paws through the sand, anxious as she looked at everyone and imagined so much blood to be had. She could tell most of them didn't like her but what did that matter? They weren't followers of Voldemort so they weren't anything in her eyes exept holders of the pretty red.

So, you want to see the pretty red fountain? Well... First, you need to choose a target about your size... The best ones are those closest related to you, especially if they're really brave, noble, and kind. Look over there, your brother Zion! He's shiny and yellow. He must have lots of blood... bite at his throat and you will see the pretty red fountain as he falls.

Dolly stared at Zion, seemingly excited at first. Brilliant! Her own brother has the most blood! She knew he'd be useful for something someday but after thinking about it, she soon became hesitant. So badly did she want to see the pretty red fountain but... did it have to be Zion? She looked at Kaina, trying to hide the small amount of fear she had in the situation. Fear was weakness, she reminded herself.
Was Kaina sure... that Zion had the most blood? In her mind, she wondered if her mother would become angry at her for killing her sibling. She was so temped though.

Kaina noticed the temptedness. Yes... Zion had the most blood. Let the temptation lure you in... Act sweet at first as you approach your victim. And when they're not looking, not expecting it... WHAAAM! Hit 'em in the throat, and watch the pretty red fountain shoot out of the mangled, lifeless body.

Don't be scared... You'll get used to it... Everything will become natural for you... Finding blood can be your career!

Dolly still seemed a bit nervous but nodded and took a deep breath. She began trotting over to Zion, putting on her extreme 'cuteness' act though the gleam in her eyes still shown. As she got closer, it was very hard for her to hold back the urge to lunge so soon.
Trust me... trust me... let me get close to you... let me have your blood... the pretty red fountain... I want it now, her mind kept racing but she still resisted. She stopped near Zion with a soft chirp, smiling sweetly at him. She is sorry for her previous behavior towards him and the others. If he doesn't mind, could she forage with him for a while, to make it up to him?

Zion nods to Dolly, although he is shocked, he gives his sister a little nuzzle, leaving his throat exposed and unguarded.

Not noticing Gizmo, Dolly acts as if she is about to nuzzle Zion back but instead, jerks her muzzle down and clamps tightly upon her brother's throat. She sinks her teeth in, biting down harder and harder until she can feel and taste the warm blood begin to enter her mouth. It was bitter but she didn't care how badly it tasted, she could already see it and it was beautiful.

Dolly squinted her eyes shut and dropped Zion's body as the blood shot out and hit her pelt... but she grinned when realizing that her fur was now nearly drenched in her brother's pretty red. Kaina was right, the fountain was great.

Dolly looks at Midnight Sun with a cheerful grin but it fades as soon as she glances at her mom. She doesn't look so happy about the killing but so far hasn't figured out who did it. Covered with blood, most around her face, Dolly knows that once spotted it would be very obvious to tell that she was the murderer so she quickly lowers herself and crawls behind Kaina to hide, a bit frightened.

Volcanopaw spots her blood covered daughter. Another one of her children was killed and the murderer was yet another of her children. She walks over to Dolly and growls at her, and hip-slams her 6-month old daughter, biting her tailbase. She isn't evicting the young female but showing her that if she messes up, she could be gone from the group. She goes over to Zion's body, remembering how Tundra was killed as well, and how Padgett disappeared. Dolly is now the last of that litter left, which is why Dolly is allowed to stay.

Volcanopaw spots her blood covered daughter. Another one of her children was killed and the murderer was yet another of her children. She walks over to Dolly and growls at her, and hip-slams her 6-month old daughter, biting her tailbase. She isn't evicting the young female but showing her that if she messes up, she could be gone from the group. She goes over to Zion's body, remembering how Tundra was killed as well, and how Padgett disappeared. Dolly is now the last of that litter left, which is why Dolly is allowed to stay.

Midnight Sun chirps to Dolly quietly, reassuring her that things will be different when Voldemort leads the group. She makes sure Volcanopaw can't hear her though.

Dolly immediately rolled to her back submissivly, very disappointed that her mother was displeased with her "accomplishment". After Volcanopaw is done, Dolly gets back to her feet and looks at Midnight Sun. When shall Voldemort lead? She was almost sure that he would be proud of her and looked forward to his return.

Dolly glances at Hope but smiles. Oh come now, Zion died bautifully... surely the pretty red fountain was worth it to not only her and a few others.

Kaina is in her nasty mood again. Knowing Tuhi had somehow made it back to the group alone, she heads over to him.

Violet heads into the burrow, looking around. But where's Tuhi? Alarmed, she runs back out and yips to Draco. Tuhi was gone.

Violet let out another frantic squeak. She couldn't wait, and chirped to Draco and Ivy to come if they were going to. Who knows what could happen? She ran off after the group, trying to scent him.

Tuhi is unaware that Violet is freaking out over his absence. He ducks as Kaina pretends to swat him.

Kaina barked. She didn't have to listen to anyone but Voldemort.

Tuhi shivered fearfully, not sure what to do...

Kaina laughed. Yessss. Fear meeee.

Hope snarls at Kaina to pick on someone her own size.

Kaina barked. She WAS his size! Ok, he was a little smaller... But they were the same age!

Hope rolls her eye. Preying on the weak only shows that they're weaker.

Violet, however, had finally caught up with the group. Panting with exhaustion, she looked around and spotted Tuhi. She ran over to him, comforting him, and glared at Kaina. Leave him alone!

Kaina scoffed. Fine, be that way.

Tuhi shivered fearfully, and cuddled up to Violet.

Violet groomed him comfortingly, making a fuss. She ignored Kaina, infuriated that she would take advantage of him like that.

Tuhi chirped an apology for wandering off.

Violet chrred softly. There was nothing to be sorry about, she was just worried. Let her know next time before he runs off. She just wanted to make sure he was okay.

Tuhi nodded and sighed, trying to close his eyes and stay calm. With his constant fear, it is far from easy.

Violet cuddles him close and peeps to him. Was he hungry?

Tuhi nods slightly, yeah, a little…

Violet nods and gets up, beginning to forage for him. She looks up and glares at Kaina every few seconds, not wanting her to sneak up on Tuhi. She finally finds a scorpion for him to eat and disarms it before giving it to him.

Desperation rolls her eyes at Tuhi, why did her father even waste his time kidnapping him?
Violet eyes Desperation, and yips. He wasn't a waste! Yes, it was wrong to kidnap him. But Tuhi was not a waste. He was her brother.

Tuhi looks at Desperation. He actually agrees. He is waste…

Violet shakes her head. Tuhi is not a waste, at all. She glares at Desperation. Now look what you did, putting that awful idea in his head!

“Dolly surprisingly looks at Desperation with a slight glare. No living thing is ever a waste... she actually seems sane for a few moments but then of course her reason for thinking such things... Tuhi has blood in him just like everyone else!”

Violet looks at Dolly for a moment, apparently grateful until the end of her little statement. Of course, why would anyone else under than a select few, like Laura, Draco, and Ivy, care about Tuhi? She nuzzled him softly. H definitely wasn't a waste, to her.

Desperation tore her eyes from Tuhi to Dolly. If he has blood, then why don't you make a fountain of it like you did with your brother that you KILLED like a waste!

Dolly raises her brows slightly but lowers them again into a hard glare, her upper lip curling to show her teeth at Desperation. She wouldn't admit it but after the excitement of the red fountain had died down and the blood stains on her fur wore off, she had actually started to regret killing her brother. Regret for doing something so seemingly wonderful was wrong in her eyes though so she covered her thoughts with a loud bark. Zion deserved to die!

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Who remembers this? Empty Re: Who remembers this?

on August 8th 2017, 4:15 pm
Ah, yes. My little psychopath. She's disturbing as heck, but fun to play. c;

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