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A very Linklu dream Empty A very Linklu dream

on June 13th 2017, 7:13 pm
Linklu was in my dream last night!

So, it was all quite random... but first thing is that apparently we had all gotten together and rented out an office in a building that's on a college campus a couple hours away from where I live. Apparently we had gotten together once before and met in this office and used it to, like, work on Linklu stuff... but obviously most of the time it's empty since we don't live near each other. But, alas, we all chipped in and paid $19 a month to keep this office xD. And it was kind of disguised as a doctor's office or like a professor's office (idk it was hard to explain) and no one ever went in it. But it was there in the building and even had its own label.

One day I was on this college's campus (idk why) and decided to get some work done in the Linklu office. So I go there and I'm chilling and APPARENTLY some people had been wondering what this office was for. I mean, Linklu is a weird name and it's not like any of us went to the college or anything... (why did we rent an office that's on a college campus? I don't know). So I'm in the Linklu office and some man in a suit knocks on the door and then he asks what the office is. For some reason, I guess I had to lie to him? Like even though we paid for it, maybe it was like somehow against the rules or something? So I told him that it was for a student organization, and I guess this guy was in charge of stuff or something because he had asked to me to see proof. But then he left.

So I get on here and I'm like EMERGENCY Y'ALL. What should I do? Well, turns out, everyone went out that day and bought plane tickets and we all met at the office the next day. xD. Side note: it was SOOOO fun to "meet" everyone! Like I know I didn't ACTUALLY meet y'all, and apparently we had met before in my dream world, but I just remember having so much fun in my dream. Then we had to come up with a plan. We decided to like make some random club called Linklu and have it be an actual organization but, like, get one or two students to join so it wouldn't attract attention. So we printed like two flyers for a club meeting and put them somewhere on campus.

So the next day, the club meeting comes. And then people start SHOWING UP. Like, this room starts to get PACKED and it's a pretty small room. Turns out everyone wanted to know what the mysterious "Linklu" office was (did they not have Google?). So what we thought was going to be like a couple people showing up turns into me having to get up and explain roleplaying and meerkats to a bunch of college students... And I thought that everyone would just leave and not be interested... but they had a ton of people that were super interested! So we all stayed and ended up talking to them and they joined the site!

Overall it was one of the coolest dreams I've ever had! Like I know the concept of having a Linklu office makes NO sense in real life but it made me want to have one xD And to meet y'all

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A very Linklu dream Empty Re: A very Linklu dream

on June 14th 2017, 7:41 am
That actually sounds amazing
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