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My Villain's Kats~ Empty My Villain's Kats~

on March 26th 2017, 6:36 pm
Kiziah: She is a rather timid 'kat. After witnessing her mother fall to a cheetah, she became traumatized, likely for life. She never met her father, and had a sibling named Kopa. She is found by Rebe when she is briefly away from the mob and is taken in by her. Once they rejoin the mob, the dominant separates Kiziah as she didn't want the pup to be influenced by Rebe. She even gets partly bitten by a snake, but manages to survive the ordeal with just a scar. It takes some work but she is allowed back in Rebe's care. She is very sweet and loving but shy to a fault. She also doesn't speak, making most assume she is mute. But she isn't, she just chooses not to speak. But she will start speaking but will almost always gives short answers, preferring not to talk much.
She was around 2-3 months in the old Linklu, so my guess she'll be 4-5 months here? (XD)
My Villain's Kats~ 59ocVbv

Rusami: The daughter of the dominants. Due to her mother's attitude, it rubs off on this young pup, and as she matures, will have a superiority complex. She will not hesitate to put others in their place, and will often act smug and acting as if she knows how the world works. In reality, she's just misguided. She just believes her mother's way is the right way, not knowing she's a bully. Its not yet known if she will change her ways or not.
Not sure how old she'll be.
My Villain's Kats~ QjtwGVS

Eleeva: The daughter of old dominants, Rio and Hobgoblin. She carries the Shadow Death line within her, although she is not aware. She often feels a bit like an oddball due to her darker pelt, since no one else seems to share it. Since she never knew her parents, she believes she was abandoned at some point. She becomes a frequent victim to Rusami's bullying due to her pelt. And grows to resent Rusami. Overall, minus that, Eleeva is mostly just a confused kat and not knowing what he purpose in life is.
Not sure how old she'll be.
My Villain's Kats~ 2u4IQvx
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