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Lava Kats

on March 20th 2017, 9:05 pm
Alright, worked up the patience to do this a second time after losing everything the first.. *clears throat*

(I have woven in some of my own ideas with these characters since I didn't play them during puphood)


(I especially made some stuff up for this guy since he wasn't played much throughout his existence other than simple rp actions)

Toxic's life seems to center around fate and destiny.

Born a Kitties male. He inherited his fur color from his loving mother whom he was very protective of. His life of carefree peace was disturbed when the Lavas invaded and tried taking a portion of Kitties territory. It led to a violent battle, and in the middle of the confusion, Toxic had a run in with Poison (quite literally). Seeing that there was another kat with white fur, he was too astounded to react. Ever since that battle, Poison had been on Toxic's mind constantly as he aged. When he wasn't foraging with his siblings, she would drift into his thoughts quite frequently.

His simple routine was shattered when a psychotic Bloodred female kidnapped him from his family. Being taken back to a group that was full of vicious and violent members, Toxic thought he was going to lose his life, making him beyond frightened to where he could barely sleep anymore.

He somehow endured living with this group for about a month before he finally worked up the courage to run off and follow a passing roving male. He wasn't sure where he'd end up, but anywhere was better than the Bloodreds. Miraculously, he was lead back to his original group and reunited with his family. Since then, his life had calmed down.

When reaching the age of over a year, other needs were calling to him and he was influenced into roving and finding a mate. Like a magnet, he found himself back at the Lavas group and came across Poison for the second time. From there on, the two have been inseparable.

He may not have a constant vicious side like his monochrome mate, but he WILL show his worst self possible if anyone were to mess with his precious mate or children.

Although his pups clearly show more of the "Lavas" side in them, he still loves all of them. He doesn't have "favorites", but he seems to be closest to Serum, his normal colored-son. This may be because Serum resembles Toxic in behavior when he was young.

His care takes him as far as making sure that all of his family are together. This was supported by how he took Venom and put her back in his and Poison's chamber, even knowing that his mate may not be too impressed.


A female with quite a history.

Firework is the younger sister of Volcanopaw and was constantly in the DF's line of fire due to rebellious actions. Firework would do everything she could to snatch the position as dominant, but to no avail. Even with being evicted several times, she never seemed to learn her lesson on how to behave. The last straw was when she decided to "test" her sister's care by putting her newborn pups out in the hot sun. This is when Volcanopaw evicted her permanently and she was never seen since.

She made her shocking new appearance after her sister's death and was surprised to see the position of the group over the years. Her original plans were to start right back where she left in trying to lead the group. She even planned on murdering Poison's pups, and got as far as injuring Sauron. Her thoughts changed when one of them was rejected by Poison, forcing Firework to nurse her back to health. Since then, she seems to have abandoned her dark plans.

Even with this said, she still shows a horrible attitude towards some members in the group. This includes kicking the pups around and trying to steal Venom back. In her mind, she still thinks she deserves everything she wants.


A hybrid cross of a yellow mongoose and meerkat, sterile and cannot reproduce. She is the daughter of Tourniquet, who sought shelter at the Lavas, but mysterious disappeared with most of her pups over time, leaving only Jynx left. Since the departure of her family, Jynx has been left feeling lonely and paranoid. This paranoia was greatly spiked when Firework pinned the blame of injuring Sauron on her. She still isn't sure if she truly caused the pup bad injuries or not, and it still haunts her.

With her unique body structure, she is a bit taller than the average 'kat and can run faster, however, she is unfit for combat and cannot physically defend herself very well, but she is very quick in movements.


A hefty pup, son of Poison and Toxic. His fur is a dark grey and he sports large vertical scars on his back from Firework's attack on him when he was only days old.

His character is still in development, but I have some good ideas going ^^

Poison Dart

Part of Poison's litter. She sports her grandmother's rusty paw, but other than that, her body is monochrome. She has a very self princess-like attitude and tends to inflict harm on her siblings when she isn't getting what she wants. Her only "competitor" is her litter-mate Bleach, who's able to combat with her and stalemate XD

She's become fascinated with serpents ever since she witnessed one killing a rodent.


Part of Poison's litter. He looks identical to Volcanopaw, but acts the complete opposite. He is very kind and sympathetic towards others. He tends to get picked on a lot when his siblings take advantage of his kindness. He's been staying close to his father, Toxic, a lot and feels close to him. A "daddy's boy" you can say. He sees Hope as a friend.


She truly was an angel among imps.

Hope is constantly under Poison's radar and has been since they were young. Hope has always obeyed Poison, but never feared her, and because of this, she was given horrible scars on her face out of spite. Even with her dramatic life growing up, she is mentally one of the most toughest members in the group and remains torn on staying or leaving. She's been more tempted to stay after befriended Jynx and Serum
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