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Lavas Empty Lavas

on March 17th 2017, 6:55 pm
I had a tendency to adopt a pup from every litter, so I can provide some dates.

Mata's pups were born February 12th.
Poison's pups were born September 21st.
Tuhi and London's pups were born October 6th (darn, I really wanted to play that.  :c)
Warpath's, Cindy's, and Kylee's were born on September 25th.

I also have a list of litters.  It appears everyone has given birth in this mob.

And this is the list of codes that I did awhile back.  Idk who all joined since then, but...

RPLVF001: Firework
RPLVF002: Kylee (Pancake)
RPLVM003: Digital (Youssy)
RPLVM004: Mufassa
RPLVM005: Scar
RPLVF006: Violet (Sammi)
RPLVF007: Rembla
RPLVF008: Charish
RPLVM009: Charybdis
RPLVF010: Jazmine
RPLVM011: Pip
RPLVF012: Cindy (Ratties)
RPLVF013: Billy
RPLVM014: Bobby (Youssy)
RPLVF015: Jazzibella
RPLVF016: Isabella
RPLVF017: Carabella
RPLVF018: Sabella
RPLVF019: Suzie
RPLVF020: Toscabella
RPLVF021: Hera
RPLVM022: Scrap
RPLVM023: Thousand
RPLVF024: Calypso (Sammi)
RPLVF025: Heather
RPLVF026: Venus
RPLVF027: London (Kat)
RPLVM028: Quirk (Sammi)
RPLVM029: Spiro (Sammi)
RPLVF030: Goliath
RPLVF031: Demona (Ratties)
RPLVF032: Angela
RPLVM033: Bronx
RPLVF034: Cricket
RPLVM035: Hopper
RPLVF036: Spottedfur (Sammi)
RPLVF037: Annabelle (Ratties)
RPLVF038: Candy (Pancake)
RPLVM039: Measles
RPLVF040: Hannibal
RPLVM041: Everett (Ratties)
RPLVF043: Hope (Meerkats4life)
RPLVF044: Poison (Pancake)
RPLVF045: Ivy (Ratties)
RPLVM046: Voldemort (Sammi)
RPLVM047: Draco (Ratties)
RPLVF048: Sweetie (Sammi)
RPLVM049: Pookey
RPLVF050: Pheonix
RPLVM051: Cam
RPLVM052: Prancer
RPLVF053: Silvia
RPLVF054: Joyce
RPLVM055: Frowzy
RPLVM056: Marth (Cujo)
RPLVM057: Telemechus (Cujo)
RPLVM058: Roy (Cujo)
RPLVF059: Trixie (Cujo)
RPLVF060: Dixie (Cujo)
RPLVF061: Dolly (Kat)
RPLVF062: Padgett
RPLVF063: Tundra
RPLVM065: Zion (Pancake)
RPLVM066: Reed (Pancake)
RPLVM067: Spin (Sammi)
RPLVM068: Poppet (Kat)
RPLVF069: Rozzelle (Youssy)
RPLVF070: Midnight Sun (Ratties)
RPLVM071: Barren (Pancake)
RPLVF072: Kaina (Pancake)
RPLVF073: Hyzenthlay (Pancake)
RPLVM074: Jaller (Pancake)
RPLVM075: Goofball
RPLVM076: Cheeseball
RPGYM041: Gizmo (Megan)
RPLVF077: Sasha (Pancake)
RPLVM078: Albin (Meerkats4life)
RPLVF079: Tigera (Dipsy)
RPLVF080: Esmerellda (Megan)
RPLVF083: Mittens
RPLVM084: Noss
RPLVM085: Robert
RPLVM086: Rocca
RPLVM087: Hoiler
RPLVM088: Weedo
RPLVM089: Akame
RPLVM090: Kyoshiro
RPLVM091: Hiro
RPLVF092: Kayna
RPLVM093: Zombie
RPLVM094: Dracula
RPLVF095: Pumpkin
RPLVF096: Werewolf
RPLVM097: Xaphan (Megan)
RPLVM098: Scissorclaws (Yosh)
RPLVM099: Boba Tea
RPLVF100: Maddy (Tosca)
RPLVF101: Amethyst (Sky)
RPLVM102: Skarmory (Pancake)
RPLVF103: Bliss
RPLVM104: Farren
RPLVF105: Reeta
RPLVF106: Malia (Tosca)
RPLVF107: Rera (Tosca)
RPLVM108: Magaloo (Tosca)
RPLVM109: Eclipse (Tosca)
RPLVF110: Deathclaw (Elec)
RPLVM111: Reese (Elec)
RPLVF112: Jill (Russet)
RPLVM113: Vyro (Echo)
RPLVF114: Laika (Meyerm)
RPLVF115: Jynx (Megan)
RPLVF116: Topanga (Ratties)
RPLVF117: Na'zyia (Pancake)
RPLVF118: Serpentina
RPLVM119: Firespitter (Shadow)
RPLVM120: Tahu
RPLVF121: Gali
RPLVM122: Lewa
RPLVM123: Kopaka
RPLVM124: Pohatu
RPLVM125: Onua
RPLVF126: Bleach
RPLVF127: Jonna
RPLVF128: Poison Dart
RPLVM129: Sauron
RPLVM130: Serum
RPLVF131: Venom
RPLVM132: Bumble
RPLVF133: Crumble
RPLVF134: Fumble
RPLVM135: Grumble
RPLVM136: Mumble
RPLVM137: Rumble
RPLVF138: Alexandra
RPLVM139: Shiver
RPLVM140: Bumblebee
RPLVF141: Honeybee
RPLVM14192: Killerbee
RPLVF143: Jazz
RPLVF144: Serenity
RPLVF145: Eclipse
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