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on March 17th 2017, 3:19 pm

Rebe is a daughter of past dominant female, Kiwi, and has been a member of the Villains for the entirety of her existence. She has been a mother to many, though she has lost all except three of her biological children. Rebe's life hasn't always been the easiest, but her unwise decisions and rebellious behavior have only made things more complicated. Ambitious to a fault, Rebe has always vied for dominance and has actually succeeded on a number of occasions, but managing to hang onto the position has never been a strength of her's. Due to her repeated failures and general bad luck, Rebe's mental stability has seen a steady decline in recent years. She is irritable and easily provoked, and prone to the odd combination of paranoia and recklessness. What sanity she has left can be attributed to the loyal and understanding presence of her mate, Falcon.

Rebe is a darker furred meerkat with a shade of brown eyes which almost appear black in natural lighting. She is slender in build and has perfectly symmetrical stripes which run down her back. Her pelt is littered with multiple scars, though, having been in multiple fights for dominance and been evicted several times.


Silvertongue is one of Rebe's youngest children and the litter mate of Endymion. Usually quiet and polite, he is much more subtle than his mother, hiding his somewhat manipulative nature below a charming and innocent facade. Unlike his big sister Moze, Silvertongue isn't exactly timid, but he is still aware of his smaller stature and therefore tends to stick around his parents and siblings for added security.

(will edit to add more later.)
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