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Kat's Linklu 'Kats Empty Kat's Linklu 'Kats

on March 14th 2017, 7:43 pm
I'm going to edit and elaborate on their bios later, but I figured that I'd still toss this here for now. c:

A founding member of the Linklu mob, Lilifey has nearly consistently been the group's dominant female since the very beginning. She is a kind and merciful leader who prefers to avoid violence whenever possible, though she will not hesitate to protect her large family when needed. She is also resilient and mentally strong, having suffered through enough love and loss within her lifetime to become almost desensitized to tragedy.

Lilifey has the appearance of what one might consider an "average" meerkat. She has brown eyes and tan-ish grey fur with stripes running down her back and a black tip at the end of her tail. She also has various scars across her body from the many battles she's participated in. Most prominent is the scar over her left eye.

Victor is a vastly self-serving meerkat who's primary concern is his own comfort and privilege. His loyalty to the Linklu is basically nonexistent, only choosing the live within the mob to avoid the starvation or predation that he would have eventually faced as a loner. The only individuals to have his genuine love and affection are his mate, Sevuela, and their shared children. He has fathered children with both Lilifey and Sophie, though he has shown very little interest in them.

Victor is a thin and rather shabby-looking male with somewhat oily fur and a musky scent. He does clean up rather nicely when extensively groomed, but seeing as that doesn't happen terribly often, Victor almost always looks a tad bit scruffy. Victor also has brown eyes and tan-grey fur.

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Kat's Linklu 'Kats Empty Re: Kat's Linklu 'Kats

on March 14th 2017, 8:51 pm
I'd say that Sev keeps her man looking fine, but I imagine her being a little scruffy herself xD

Also I haven't heard anything about her pups.

Liulfr: //glomps Lilifey DUN WORRU MOMMY I'LL KEEP YOU SAFE >:I
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Kat's Linklu 'Kats Empty Re: Kat's Linklu 'Kats

on March 15th 2017, 6:31 am
I imagine Sev taking extra care to make Victor look all groomed and presentable in the morning, and then a small breeze hits him when he walks outside and his fur is instantly back to looking like rat's nest. xD

Aw. Liulfr. <3
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Kat's Linklu 'Kats Empty Re: Kat's Linklu 'Kats

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