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Temporary Rules Empty Temporary Rules

on March 14th 2017, 4:22 pm
Ratties wrote:1a-No killing off anyone character without their permission
1b-No tearing the fur off of the faces of another player's characters...This is almost a 100% guarantee that the character will die from either infection, or starvation from pain of not being able to eat....the exception to this rule is if you if you have plans with the other player as a way for that character to die.
1c-No blinding another character without permission from the player that plays that character.

2a-If your characters are fighting and no one is replying, stop...chances are the other players are not online...don't use this as an advantage for you
2b-The exception to this rule is if the player who controls the dominant character of a group is absent for a while. If you can't be here for weeks at a time, you can not have a dominant character. I am personally tired of the whole group going hungry because the dominants aren't being played on a regular basis.

3a-No playing other players characters unless you have permission
3b-To keep the rp going smoothly without screeching to a stop due to absent members, if you are absent for longer than a week without first posting in the roving trip forum and making sure something is set for your characters, Administers and Moderations will either play your characters or assign someone to play your characters as they see fit or we will figure out something else to do with your inactive characters.
3c-If you are frequently disappearing for large amounts of times, you will be considered on probation and will no longer be allowed to adopt or create new characters....if you are gone so often that that your current characters are inactive, then you don't need to play anymore, it just holds up the RP more. You will also not be allowed to have dominant characters.

4-No attacking someone's character out of spite (If you and another member are fighting personally don't bring it into the groups) and Vice Versa

5-No graphic porn (Yes the meerkats mate, but you don't have to describe it word for word)...keep it child-friendly

6- No stealing artwork, character names, or group names of others, this includes from other sites...If we find out that you are passing artwork of others (even non-members on this site) as your own, it will be taken down, and you will be banned for a short period of time...Admins and Mods are not exempt from this rule (or any others) and may lose their admin and mod powers...this is no jok

7-If you want to make a new mob as rivals, contact me, Kat, or Flower or post it in Suggestions/Contributions...

8-Keep it realistic (No superpowers, no magic healing abilities, none of the characters are invinceable...if your meerkat is in a fight, chances are they have some minor if not major injury depending on the extent of the fight)

9- No one is guaranteed a dominance position in a mob...other players' characters can challenge your dominant character and become dominant

**Warning, If you are banned two times, you will be permanently banned the third time...pardon the baseball saying but three strikes and you're shows you can't follow rules...If you have any comments or question, PM an admin or mod about them
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