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on March 14th 2017, 1:03 pm
Shooting Star: Was previously owned by Cazanna/LPZ, who described her as having a blue eye, in which she's visually impaired, and a hazel eye. I imagine Shooting Star's left eye having a blue iris and her right eye having a hazel one. Cazanna never went into detail about what Shooting Star looked like, but I imagine her inheriting grey fur with the typical stripes and black tipped tail of a meerkat. Shooting Star has a scar shaped like a blotch on the upper part of her back from when she was bitten by a puff adder before returning to the Linklu. Shooting Star used to be timid and cowardly under Cazanna's control. When I adopted her, I gave her altruistic and maternal traits, often doting over any baby animal she sees. I think she'll be approximately 2 years old at the start of the new RP day.

Lil Trooper: Is a baby goshawk Shooting Star rescued after he fell from a tree and broke, I think, his right wing? Don't exactly remember. XD However, he's making a miraculous recovery. Lil Trooper looks like a regular goshawk, though as a result of his fall his right wing will be permanently kinked, possibly affecting his ability to fly, but we shall see over the next couple RP days. I still plan for him to return to the wild, possibly during the second or third RP day.
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