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Lucille, the Ambitious  Empty Lucille, the Ambitious

on March 14th 2017, 8:19 am
I still have to add what happened in the NG, edit her bio a bit, but here she is.

Lucille, the Ambitious  Lucill11

╰☆ NAME ☆╮
RPNGF001 Lucille
• may also be called Lucy

╰☆ GENDER ☆╮

╰☆ STATUS ☆╮
• somewhat ambitious subordinate

╰☆ RP DATA ☆╮
• born August 20th
• first appeared ??? at 3 years old

Physical Description

Identifying Features...

  • Lucille is a sandy color, with rusty areas on her head, paws and especially her tail.  She also has rusty specks on her back.
  • She has a very light chin and paws.
  • Her eyes are a bright, rusty brown.
  • She has scars on her tail base from frequent eviction, and some on her belly and right shoulder as well.
  • Lucy's stripe pattern is unique; her stripes bend and curl in a way that they cross eachother, making her easily recognizable.

Click here to see Lucille's design!

Lucille's generally a pretty normal meerkat, although she is just a little stockier than normal.  She definitely is stronger than she is fast, both her physical strength and experience feeding into this trait.  However, the difference is actually rather slight... mostly, she just prefers to focus more on attacks than agility and quick reflexes, which is why she's a pretty good fighter.  If she met in battle with someone who was the opposite, however, it could go either way.  However, she's also a very intelligent meerkat who doesn't just rush in or act on first impulse.  She likes to observe her enemy, calculate their movements, and sneak attacks are what she's known for.  She may seem unpredictable at times, but really she just likes to put on a facade, and catch her opponent off guard.  She's certainly a dirty, dangerous fighter that you want to be careful facing in any IGI.  She can sometimes be caught being too cocky, though.


Lucille is an interesting character, who definitely isn't what she seems.  When you first meet her, she seems almost heartless... she's a very firm, strict, and harsh leader who knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to cross lines to get it.  This may include killing pups or evicting subordinates, if necessary.  She definitely sees herself as the boss and doesn't take crap from anyone.  She's not quick to take pity and doesn't believe in second chances, rarely showing mercy to those that have crossed her.  She likes having power and will do anything to keep it, and also can be rather selfish... she also has a reputation for being moody and irritable.  However, that's just what's on the surface.  In reality, Lucy can actually be a very caring individual.  Her maternal instinct is very, very strong, and she loves her pups and mate very much.  She appreciates any loyalty given to her, and will return it.  She's never mean without a reason, and actually just has different values and opinions than some meerkats.  She cares a lot about her mob... she knows what they need and will do anything to make them successful, since after all, that's what she wants more than anything.  She won't stop until that happens.  She's an experienced meerkat who's seen a lot in her short life, and wants her subordinates to trust and obey her.  She's tough, but certainly not heartless... she feels pain and love just like any meerkat.  Outside the Nightingales, however, her true self is not known... many probably just see her as a monster.  Universally, she's known for her spunk, sass, and energy.

I'll add traits later, after I use her a bit.


Lucille is the founder of a new mob in the area.  She knows her circumstances aren't ideal, but she's older and more experienced than she was the first time she had a chance to take dominance.  While she still wants to bring back her mother's legacy, she also knows that it's a big responsibility that she needs to take seriously.  She intends to leave a lasting mark on the Kalahari, to bring her mob to great accomplishments and will do anything she finds necessary to make it so.  She's definitely not the most peachy of dominants, but she's not necessarily cruel either.  She cares about her mob and wants to make that perfectly clear.


Before she was born, life in Lucille's mob was a rather typical one.  Her parents were both dominant in a group numbering 23, and everything was rather peaceful for now... until one summer, when everything changed.  

Early Puphood

Lucille was born just as the rains arrived in the summer, the first litter of the year.  The litter of 5 was born at just the right time, and seeing as it was a large one, it was just as well.  For now, though, the rich pickings that supplied their milk was completely unknown to Lucille, Quincy, Brooke, Amelia, and Eleanor.  For the first 12 days of their life, all they really knew was the confines of the burrow.  They were only getting to know the regular babysitters, Julia and Tamara, as well as their new senses when tragedy struck.  A snake attacked the burrow, biting Brooke, Amelia, Eleanor and Tamara, who at least managed to move Lucille and Quincy before laying down to rest.  Julia on the other hand left to retrieve the rest of the group.  When they got there, the snake had already consumed Brooke and Eleanor.  The group got to work confronting the serpent and rescuing the remaining pups, but the dominant male Vince was also bitten in the process.  Amelia was dead in minutes, and Vince didn't survive the night.  It took a heavy toll on the whole group, not the least of which were Scylla and Cleopatra.  Scylla was the dominant female and Lucille's mother, while Cleopatra was the one she overthrew and the mother of Julia and Tamara.  Cleopatra had loved Vince very much, and it was likely that one of her daughters might also die, so she was very upset with her sister.  Tension began to grow in the mob, but Quincy and Lucille were unaware of it... they were really too young to understand.  To this day, Lucille has no memory of her dead littermates.

For the pups, life seemed to go on as usual.  By the time they were three weeks old, while Quincy was very sweet and shy, Lucille was proving to be quite the handful.  She was active, boisterous and curious, and many of the adults couldn't wait to let them outside.  However, when  that day came, there was another dramatic shift in the mob's lifestyle.  After returning home early, Scylla and Cleopatra got into a fight.  One of her older brothers stopped Lucille from joining the 'playfight' and running to her mother, but she continued to watch in fascination, wondering what they were doing.  When it was over, Cleopatra hipslammed Scylla and bit her tailbase.  Lucille playfully did the same to her brother, and the two started to play, not realizing their mother had just been evicted.  When she started to walk away, the two pups tried to follow.  When she started running, they did too, crying out for her to slow down, but she didn't listen and they weren't fast enough.  And after an hour or two, they realized that their mother wasn't coming back.  Mommy wouldn't lick their noses in the morning anymore.  Their older siblings tried to comfort them, but it had little effect.  Life in the mob wasn't the same after that day, because Cleopatra wasn't as nice as Scylla.

The rest of her younger pup days, not a whole lot happened... Cleopatra did attempt to abandon the pups once by executing a burrow move.  Two of Lucille's older sisters were babysitting at the time, and when the group didn't come back that night, they weren't sure what was going on.  Julia and Tamara caught on to their mom's motive, however.  The recovering Tamara was in no condition to travel without the protection of the group, so it was Julia that went back to the old burrow the next morning, helping the babysitters move the pups back to the safety of the rest of the mob.  The next day, Cleopatra instead tried killing them directly, but her two daughters defended the pups... they had grown close to Lucille and Quincy, and wouldn't let her kill them.  As she loved her daughters very much, she didn't argue, and agreed not to kill them.  However, she made it very clear (sometimes violently, as they got older) that she did not like Scylla's last offspring.  Life in the mob became more competitive and harsh, and because of that, Lucille and Quincy grew up with a rougher edge, especially Lucy.

Late Puphood

Lucille's and Quincy's training was tough, especially considering they were now subordinate pups with no parents in the mob.  Julia and Tamara took good care of them, but it wasn't long before Cleopatra found a mate and had pups of her own.  Lucille quickly found out what had happened with her mother.  Still hurt that Scylla had been cast out and roughened by how she was treated, the spunky, innocent young female she might have become grew more ambitious and resentful.  But one thing was for sure; she loved her babysitters, and she loved her brother even more.  She stood up for Quincy whenever she could, and if nothing else, she still had spunk.  She was stubborn and didn't give in easily, even when she probably should, which really is what pushed her forward.  But the dominant female always kept an eye on her, as she still held a grudge, and would occasionally steal food and nip her to show her displeasure.  And as a result, Lucille started to hate her too.

It's also worth noting that there was a strange abundance of predator attacks in the first half of her life, which gave Lucille a lot of experience that she would use later in life, teaching her a valuable lesson on survival in the Kalahari.

Juvenile Months

By the time she was reaching the end of her first year, Lucille had shaped into a bold, stubborn, energetic individual with a slight rebellious streak, aimed mostly at Cleopatra and anyone else who treated her badly.  She had certainly made her mark, and with the help of several spats over territory, was getting a bit of fighting experience too.  However, she was not really content to remain a subordinate... she wanted revenge on Cleopatra, for evicting her mother and taking a spot that rightfully belonged to Scylla, and for treating Lucille and her brother so badly.  She felt that she needed to take back the spot to bring back her mother's legacy.  So that's exactly what she was going to do.  She began honing her skills and keeping watch, all the while still trying to protect her brother.  It was probably during this time that she gained the ability to wait, judge and put up a facade for her opponent.

Years Gone By

Shortly after reaching adulthood, Lucille made her move.  She tried once, twice, three times to dethrone Cleopatra.  She was evicted twice, but allowed in each time due to the influence of Tamara and Julia.  The third time, her persistence actually paid off, and she managed to overthrow and evict the dominant female.  Julia and Tamara begged Lucille to let her stay, but the offer was refused.  She had to get her revenge, and she was going to stick to it.  Tamara and Julia left with Cleopatra, and the three were never seen again.  Lucille's reign, however, only lasted a year... she only managed to successfully raise one litter, and eventually, one of Cleopatra's daughters, who was only a few months younger, overthrew Lucille in turn, leaving her alone.  Luckily, she was joined by her brother.  After that, however, the mob only lasted a few months... members began to lose hope in the group's leadership, and one by one they started to leave, the rest being picked off by predators.  Lucille and Quincy never found out about this, though, because they were long gone.

The two siblings spent several months alone... they knew they wouldn't last long, and would have to find a new family to call their own.  Thankfully, the two were given a second chance.  On the brink of starvation, the two were accepted just in time.  Once healthy again, Lucy encouraged her brother to start roving... as a result, he was often apart from her, but still came to visit every now and then.  Lucille had ambitions of her own.  She's had a taste of leadership, and still wanted to bring back her mother's legacy, so set out at regaining her role as dominant female, biding her time and hiding her rougher self deep down.  Until finally, a year later, her chance came... the group was traveling through some tall grass, and they began to split into two.  Suddenly, there were two sets of lead calls; the dominant female's, and Lucille's.  Only 4 meerkats ended up following her, but it was better than nothing.  It was the start of something new.  


  • Mother: Scylla
  • Father: Vince
  • Mother-in-Law/Aunt: Cleopatra
  • Cousins/Half-sisters: Julia and Tamara
  • Litter-brother: Quincy
  • Litter-sisters: Brooke, Amelia, Eleanor
    Also has several older brothers and sisters, as well as younger half brothers and sisters, and probably some offspring somewhere.

None currently!

Miscellaneous Information


  • Lucille is based off a mixture of Cyan and a story character named Lily May.
  • She was also partly inspired by Flower.



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