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LM's Characters Empty LM's Characters

on March 12th 2017, 6:23 am
I thought I'd write a post somewhere about what I intend to do with my very few characters I had tried to bring into Linku.

Josephine - Will only be brought back should Yoshkat really want to reintroduce Lancaster. Depending on connected plot to her she likely is still pregnant or her number of pups due can be re rolled/readopted. If Lancaster is not returning I will disperse her.
Edit - Josephine is staying Smile She and Lancaster are likely going to be residing in the new group with their pups
Titch - 'Feel no Evil' (Lancaster x Josephine Pup)

Sanders & Jet - Together are connected to Night's Topaz. Again like Josephine above I will only bring these two back if Night really wish to bring back Topaz. If Topaz is not returning the pair will be dispersed.
Edit - Sanders & Jet are returning - Going wherever Topaz goes

Mitzi - I cannot remember who's daughter she is from Anklebitters. I think I will offer her up for adoption or if my other characters are dispersed I might keep her so I have at least a character somewhere eventually.
Edit - Mitzi is Rune's daughter, she will have been cared for by her relative Torch and brought into the new group.

Morning Glory - I initially wasn't going to consider bringing MG back but maybe if I only have a few characters she can be revived to live a new life without Stratus and without the responsibilities of a dominant. Open to ideas I think for her.
Edit - MG will be going to Linklu

(NB: For both Yosh & Night, please don't feel that because of my post that you feel forced to bring back any characters you may not want to bring back. I am trying to wind myself down from adding pressure to my daily schedule, but I still felt that instead of removing myself completely I owed you both a say in what happened to the characters that we had plots going with. I hope this is understandable)

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LM's Characters Empty Re: LM's Characters

on March 12th 2017, 6:35 am
Ah, I can't remember Mitzi, but I shall look!
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