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Linklu Family Tree Empty Linklu Family Tree

on November 20th 2017, 6:48 pm
I'm working on a tribalpages site again. Would anyone like to tell me about the heritage of their characters?

Linklu Family Tree Untitl12

Bandit {conflicted} Sevuela {naive} Hortense {scheming} Violet {passionate} Liulfr {feisty} Temptation {tba}

Kitanda {dramatic} Moze {sensitive} Venom {outcast} Piper {annoying} 

Poison {ruthless} Tuhi {cautious} Tahu {courageous} Lewa {adventurous} Bleach {independent} Honeybee {meek} Alexandra {confident} Jazz {rebellious}

Penelope {friendly} Say It {responsible} Tumble {caring} Black Rose {wayward} Rhapsody {inquisitive} Gabby {innocent}

Makuta {sinister} Kaina {sadistic} White Night {twisted} Carnie {volatile} Amethyst {heroine} Skarmory {meek} Vespera {strange}

Lucille {ambitious} Mata Nui {gentle} Sohnii {serious} Rintan {reckless} Flufficus {quirky}

Krahka {fierce} Pancake {pacifist} Firefly {resilient}

Hudson, Hazelnut, Kiwi, Natalie, Ambrosia, Zion, Hutch, Fairy, Pixie, Angel, Sterling
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Linklu Family Tree Empty Re: Linklu Family Tree

on November 20th 2017, 7:06 pm
My character page (which is outdated) has a lot of parents/littermates/children for my characters listed: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Just from skimming, here are the updates:
Luisa is Lilifey/Thunder's daughter and littermate to Liulfr
Harvey is Sophie/Victor's son and littermate to August and Prance (dispersed)
Mzuri had her litter: Paris, Rusami, and Lee (?, dispersed??)
Asphodel is the daughter of Rio/HobGoblin, siblings are Elveera, Moomin, and unnamed (last 2 dispersed)
Paris is the son of Mzuri/El-ahrairah, siblings are Rusami and Lee(?)
Endymion is the son of Rebe/Falcon, sibling is Silvertongue
Diem is the daughter of Taylor/Prince, siblings are Piper and Karis (I think? dispersed)
Chickadee is the future daughter of Moze/El-ahrairah (weird, half siblings to Mzuri's litter lol)
Cindy's parents are unknown, her siblings are Bobby and Billy (both dispersed), I think they were kidnapped/adopted by Firework??
Andra is the daughter of Bohrok/Dash, siblings were Robin and 2 unnamed (dispersed)
Gligar is the son of Raichu and unknown male, sibling was Skitty (dispersed)
Tyra is the daughter of Roodaka/Makuta, no siblings as far as I know
Frenzy is the son of Disturbence/Bachelor, siblings are Danger, Hazard, Naughty, and Trouble (all dispersed I think)
Zaina is the daughter of Kaina/Scissorclaws, siblings are Lucas and Vespera
Tiptoe is the son of Soultouch/Mata Nui, siblings are Alayla, Rintan, and Mica(?)
Parakeet, Tijoux, Satsuma, and Nik have no familial ties to any current meerkats in the RP.

Linklu: Temp [protective], Jazmine [smitten], Cassidee [matronly], Faafe [bizarre], Luisa [introverted], Harvey [laidback]
Villain: Mzuri [fearless], Saffaron [lazy], Lizziekam [naive], Asphodel [resentful], Paris [meek], Endymion [boastful], Diem [charming], Chickadee [modest]
Lava: Rozzelle [aloof], Gali [courageous], Jonna [selfish], Cindy [shrewd]
Anklebiter: Andra [prim], Gligar [boisterous], Tyra [irritable], Alessa [unique], Papau [protective], Yeyen [intrepid]
Clawshade: Syesha [timid], Frenzy [frenetic]
Unspeakable: Zaina [scrappy]
Vermilion: Parakeet [gutsy], Tijoux [amorous], Tiptoe [reserved], Satsuma [fragile], Stefanie [innocent]
Loners: Homestar [slick], Cree [fierce], Nik [loyal], Golden [conniving]
Future Characters: ??? Villain (KitandaxWoundwort), Mary McKenzie ??? (Goldenx???)
Reserved Names: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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